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Trello Extension for Zoho CRM

Trello Extension for Zoho CRM

The Trello extension for Zoho CRM enhances the team colloboration and productivity with the bidirectional record sync between Trello and Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Advanced Guide

Zoho CRM Advanced Guide

This advanced guide for Zoho CRM will help you understand the advanced features of Zoho CRM to streamline customer relationships. These features include automated lead scoring, customer segmentation, customer analytics, customer journey mapping, and customer segmentation. Additionally, Zoho CRM offers advanced reporting, automation, and integration capabilities. These features help businesses to better understand their customers and create tailored experiences.


Zoho CRM Admin Guide for Beginners:Everything You Need to Know

This CRM admin guide assists the new Zoho Admins in getting up to speed with the basics of Zoho CRM. We’ll cover the basics of setting up and managing users, customizing the system to fit your company’s needs and more. With this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make the most of Zoho CRM and make your job as an admin easier.

Top Zoho CRM Extensions

Top Zoho CRM Extensions of 2023

Discover the must-have Zoho CRM extensions of 2023 that can supercharge your sales, and take your CRM experience to the next level. Elevate your productivity and drive growth with these essential tools.

How to Master Zoho CRM and QuickBooks Integration

How to Master Zoho CRM and QuickBooks Integration?

This blog completelty deals with the steps on mastering Zoho CRM and QuickBooks integration. Do follow the best practices for the effective record sync between your Zoho CRM and QUicBooks and maximise the productivity

Top 12 benefits of integrating QuickBooks with Zoho CRM

Top 12 Benefits of Integrating QuickBooks with Zoho CRM

The top 12 benefits of QuickBooks Zoho integration are listed with effective features. Zoho QB integration saves more time by syncing records between your accounting software and CRM with an instant, bulk, and automatic record sync.

remember the formula zoho crm quickbooks equals business productivity

Remember the formula Business Productivity = Zoho CRM + QuickBooks Online

Do you want to score high in business development and want to manage effective financial records? The QuickBooks extension for Zoho CRM syncs the records bidirectionally from Zoho CRM to QuickBooks and vice versa. Goodbye to the dual data entry. Since it manages customer records in one centralized location.

A story of Mailchimp and Zoho CRM Integration

A Match Made in Heaven: The Love Story of Mailchimp and Zoho CRM

Mailchimp was upset today. Why? Here is an interesting love story between Mailchimp and Zoho CRM. Sharing their records with Responsibility. With perfect sync of Mailchimp and Zoho CRM, they are made for each other. Yes. The Love story begins here…


Xero Bidirectional Integration for Zoho CRM

Customers are the backbone of any business. Whatever may be the business, whether it is small-scale or medium-scale, Customers and Revenue are the two inseparable bonds that ties our business process. Maintaining Sales efficiency and Financial prospects along with customer Satisfaction is not as easy as melting ice. And of course, it is as hard as breaking the ice. Let’s make the hardest, the softest.


Zoho QuickBooks Extension Version 4.0

Your records are synced between QuickBooks and Zoho CRM using the Zoho QuickBooks Integration. You can control all of your company accounts and inventories with this integration. Use QuickBooks to manage the financial, tax, billing, payments, payments.