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Zoho CRM Trello Integration

Trello integration for Zoho CRM allows you to sync all the records between Zoho CRM and Trello. With this integration, you can sync all the boards, lists and cards on Trello via Zoho CRM.With the help of Zoho CRM, you can collaborate with your team and manage your complete sales pipeline.

Integrate Zoho CRM and Trello

Connect and Authorize
Connect and Authorize

Once the extension is installed, connect your Trello account and Authorize the Zoho CRM to access the extension for syncing records.

Mapping the fields
Map the fields

Before syncing records, map all the Trello fields with Zoho fields in case of adding custom fields by drag and drop method. All other fields are mapped already.

Record Sync
Record Sync

Bidirectionally syncs all the Zoho records to Boards, Lists, and Cards of Trello and Vice-versa.

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Trello Integration For Zoho CRM

Trigger Action between Trello and Zoho CRM
Trigger & Action between Trello and Zoho CRM
Various syncing Methods
Various syncing Methods
Sync statuses in a single page
Sync statuses in a single page

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Streamline your cards with leads, accounts,and contacts
$ 0 Trial / 14 Days
  • Sync contacts/account/leads
  • Sync records instantly using Onsave sync
  • Historical records sync & logs to track
  • Automated cron sync every 10 mins
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Enhances the team colloboration and productivity with seamless record sync between Trello and Zoho CRM.

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