Top Zoho CRM Extensions of 2023

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Zoho CRM integrations are excellent choices that have gained significant traction on the CRM platform.

Deploying the top CRM extensions to streamline operations and increase productivity can make all the difference between success and failure. Zoho CRM extensions are known industry-wide for their reliability and effectiveness when it comes to running a business smoothly and reaching its goals. In this blog, we will be exploring the top Zoho CRM extensions available on the market,

With the features and flexibility of Zoho CRM extensions, you can quickly empower your Business and take your CRM experience to the next level.

List of Top Zoho CRM extensions

  • QuickBooks extension for Zoho CRM​
  • Mailchimp Extension for Zoho CRM
  • Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM
  • List Manager for Zoho CRM​
  • Commercient file sync of Zoho CRM​
  • Arrivy Extension for Zoho CRM​
  • Ring Over for Zoho CRM​
  • Google Routes for Zoho CRM
  • Qwilr for Zoho CRM

QuickBooks extension for Zoho CRM

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software that can be widely used around the globe for managing all financial transactions efficiently. QuickBooks includes the bulk financial records whereas the Zoho CRM consists of the bulk customer data. On integrating Quickbooks with the Zoho CRM you can easily handle the records of these two software under one centralized platform.

Best Features

  • You can effortlessly synchronize records between your Zoho CRM and QuickBooks Online with robust two-way record syncing.
  • Choose the type best suited to your business requirements, whether immediate on-save syncing or synchronizing existing records at a specific time.
  • You won’t miss anything with automatic record sync, and a log detailing the sync is available for your records.
  • Streamline record transfer and get more done with effective bidirectional record sync between the two essential platforms.

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Mailchimp Extension for Zoho CRM

Mailchimp Extension for Zoho CRM is truly a top-notch extension to connect your email marketing platform with your Zoho CRM. It is an effective way to integrate email marketing tools such as Mailchimp with Zoho CRM. It helps in managing all the subscriber and unsubscriber lists corresponding to their related groups, tags, segments, and Webhooks at one unified location right inside the Zoho CRM. You can effortlessly sync your Mailchimp lists and Campaigns to the Zoho CRM with few clicks and user-friendly configuration settings.

  • Best FeaturesThe list sync deeply comprises the record sync of groups, tags, segments, and webhooks. It is easy to relate the records with any groups and tags directly from your CRM
  • You can easily subscribe/unsubscribe bulk records directly from your Zoho CRM
  • Effective campaign sync between your Zoho CRM and Mailchimp will display all the click-through rates, opens, and bounce rates in the dashboard helping you get a more profound knowledge of your customer preferences.

Get the Mailchimp Extension for Zoho CRM. Enjoy the effective record sync of email marketing tools like Mailchimp with Zoho CRM.

Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM

Keeping accurate financial records in a business is an arduous task. Manually entering invoices, payroll, etc., exposes you to potential errors – even a minor mistake can make a drastic impact on your overall income. It also takes away precious time spent inputting the same information in multiple software programs.

Are you looking for the best-ever extension to integrate your Xero and Zoho CRM? Here is a good news for you.

Xero Bidirectional Integration for Zoho CRM is a brilliant choice that can sync Xero records perfectly with the Zoho records.

  • Best FeaturesXero and Zoho CRM are powerful combos for cutting-edge businesses, joined together in a bidirectional integration to streamline data synchronization. By integrating Xero with Zoho, you can maintain error-free financial records and cut down on hours spent on dual data entry.
  • Easy to sync records both in uni-direction and bi-direction
  • Any record’s create, update, and delete action will be mirrored instantly, or between any particular time period based on the user-friendly configuration
  • It can also allow an automatic record sync at the scheduled time interval of every ten minutes
  • Alerts instantly when your record fails to sync after three attempts. This will prevent you from missing even a single record.
  • Avoid data duplication as it syncs records with a unique ID. It makes your CRM clean and easy to access any record at any time.
  • Saving time and effort usually spent on manual transfer

Best Features

Get the Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM today and effectively maintain all of your CRM records and Xero records under one roof.

List Manager for Zoho CRM

If you want to make sure your network is the best it can be, List Manager from Zoho CRM is the perfect solution. Keep your relationships strong and up-to-date with this indispensable tool.

The list Manager for Zoho CRM quickly moves all valid emails of each lead or contact without any hassle. It keeps tabs on email responses by organizing them into different lists in Zoho Campaigns. Reaching out to the right contacts has never been easier or more efficient!

Best Features

  • With List Manager, it is easy to eliminate the hassles and frustration of managing multiple systems and applications and become more efficient.
  • Streamline and optimize your workflow with List Manager for Zoho CRM.
  • This powerful solution provides an integrated experience, allowing you to manage your Campaign Lists directly from the CRM and create new ones at the single click of a button.
  • Plus, you can add and remove records from your CRM to create new and refined Campaign Lists with greater control and flexibility.
  • Validate email addresses for accuracy with the extension’s email-checking feature, and get export summaries to review account names and email statuses.

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Commercient file sync of Zoho CRM

Salespeople strives to be conversational architects – having the foresight to build strategic conversations with prospects that will help them make the right decision and convert into loyal customers. They must have access to all the right documents and technical information at their fingertips to provide the exact answers prospects need. From orders and plans to quality inspection documents, businesses need a variety of documents to keep running smoothly. Within Zoho CRM, salespeople can guarantee customers the information they need on the spot.

Best Features

  • Enjoy quick and easy access to your most relevant information with File SYNC!
  • Streamline your efforts and save time by doing away with ETL tools, servers, mapping, and coding.
  • Your customer support team can make informed decisions about discounts and payment terms with quick access to quotes, invoices, and payment details.
  • From PDFs, JPG/PNG/BMP, DOCs, XLS/XLSX, TXT, and CSV to wildcard files, all your data can now be integrated into Zoho CRM to fuel success in your sales and customer service processes.

Get the Commercient list sync of Zoho CRM

Arrivy Extension for Zoho CRM

In the Arrivy Extension for Zoho CRM  service, businesses can provide the ultimate customer experience with the Arrivy Operations Cloud.

It provides customers with a truly personalized experience. Streamline your business processes by connecting Zoho CRM deals and Arrivy tasks. Foster collaboration between staff and customers, helping to create a well-oiled machine. And also it ensures the lines of communication between your company and its customers are open and efficient, enhancing team performance throughout.

Best Features

  • From the convenience of booking to in-the-moment updates through text, email, and messaging, customers can stay connected with real-time alerts and notifications, including knowledge of when and where the service staff will be.
  • It also helps sales teams collaborate more efficiently with their operations or dispatch teams, with automated tasks and status updates available in the Arrivy Dashboard.
  • With these comprehensive, technology-driven tools, service organizations can cater to their customers in a truly elevated and connected way.

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Ring Over for Zoho CRM

Ring Over for Zoho CRM ensures a world of quality communication and collaboration with Ringover and Zoho. Quick and effortless integration of these two platforms enables immediate and accurate access to caller information from within Zoho, allowing users to speak with an understanding and purpose on every call.

Best Features

  • With Ringover and Zoho, time spent micro-managing is cut drastically, allowing users more flexibility in their work lives and an improved focus on giving each customer a quality service experience.
  • Ringover has the solution for all business communication needs. It provides a Contact Center as a Service platform that allows for phone calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, and SMS.
  • With the power of Ringover for Zoho CRM, businesses can confidently handle any communication demands they encounter.

Enjoy the Ringover for Zoho CRM and manage your phone calls and sms effectively from right inside the Zoho CRM

Google Routes for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM allows users to pinpoint the precise locations of their leads and customers with great accuracy. This technology makes it simpler than ever to map out the most efficient routes between both points and ensure limited time and resources are utilized to their greatest potential.

Best Features

  • The Google Routes extension makes it easy to get from point A to point B. It integrates the Google Maps API into every module within Zoho CRM to map out the most efficient paths toward success.
  • Create location markers, bring lead and customer locations to life, and watch the distance between them shrink as you move along.
  • With the extension, you can craft optimized routes that save you precious time.

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Qwilr for Zoho CRM

Qwilr for Zoho CRM treats your customers to a streamlined, interactive experience with Zoho CRM’s e-sign and payment capabilities. Create stunning sales documents that can be signed quickly and easily—all with the click of a button. It will ensure that every sale is finalized and every customer is happy.

Best Features

  • With Qwilr, it has never been easier to get personalized sales materials into the hands of your leads!
  • Create tailored web documents in just a few clicks with information pulled automatically from connected Zoho CRM databases.
  • This extension will ensure that the deals are finished quickly with the native electronic signing feature
  • Plus, it takes advantage of those buyers who want to act now by offering the option for direct payment.
  • Streamline your sales process and close the extra deals with Qwilr!

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As the update in technology continues, the potential of CRM extensions is only likely to grow, leaving businesses with a powerful toolset to help them maximize their return on investment.

Overall, Zoho CRM extensions provide a wealth of options for users to customize their CRM system to fit their organization’s unique needs. Whether you are looking for ways to optimize and automate daily processes or enhance your customer experience, these extensions can fit your needs. With a wide range of capabilities, these amazing extensions are the perfect way to make sure your CRM solution is running at peak performance.