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Zoho CRM Magic Lookup Extension for Google Sheets

The Magic Lookup extension for Google Sheets is a simple yet powerful extension to update the CRM fields corresponding to the Google Sheets data using a defined workflow. It reduces dual data entry and saves most of your time & effort.

Installation and Configuration #

Installation #

  1. Install the Magic Lookup Extension for Google Sheets from the Zoho Marketplace.
  2. Click the Connect button corresponding to the Google Sheets extension to link your Google Sheets with the extension.
  3. Log in to your Google Sheets account using your credentials.
  4. Click the Authorize button to link your Zoho CRM account.
  5. Click Accept to allow the extension to access your Zoho account.
  6. The Zoho CRM Magic Lookup extension’s home page will be displayed.

Lookup Workflow Name: Select the Zoho CRM Module: CRM Field for Lookup: CRM Field to Update: Select Zoho Sheets: Sheet Field for Lookup: Sheet Field to Update:

Configuration #

  1. Create a New Configuration
    • Click New Configuration to start setting up your workflow.
  2. Configuration Settings
    • Lookup Workflow Name: Provide a desired workflow name based on which you need to update the CRM fields.
    • Select Zoho CRM Module: Choose the desired module in your Zoho CRM (e.g., Contacts, Leads) where you need to update data.
    • CRM Field for Lookup: Select the  Zoho CRM field that will trigger the update (e.g., Mailing State).
    • CRM Field to Update: Select the field in Zoho CRM that you want to update (e.g., Contact Owner).
    • Select Google Sheets: From the drop-down menu, select the Google Sheet containing the data you need to update.
    • Select Field for Lookup: Choose the desired field for lookup. That is, based on the field header in the Google Sheets, you need to update CRM fields. (e.g., mailing state).

Select Field to Update: Choose the desired field in the Google Sheets based on which you want to update the Zoho CRM field (e.g., Email ID).

How the Extension Works #

The extension works based on the desired Workflow and the extension’s configuration.  Configuration. For example,  if you want to update the Contact Owner field in Zoho CRM based on the Mailing State field in Google Sheets,

  • First, the extension fetches a Google Sheets row with the header titled Mailing State. 
  • Then based on the corresponding email ID from Google Sheets, the contact owner field will be updated in Zoho CRM. 

Audit Logs #

  • From the Audit page, you can easily track all the triggers and actions in your workflow. It will display the success and failure statuses of record updates or errors in the workflow in a single page
  • For example, if there’s an error because you selected “Contact Owner” to be updated with “Contact Number” from Google Sheets, the audit log will show a failure status.