Xero Bidirectional Integration for Zoho CRM


Customers are the backbone of any business. Whatever may be the business, whether it is small-scale or medium-scale, Customers and Revenue are the two inseparable bonds that ties our business process. Maintaining Sales efficiency and Financial prospects along with customer Satisfaction is not as easy as melting ice. And of course, it is as hard as breaking the ice. Let’s make the hardest, the softest. 

Any business will have a huge responsibility to monitor and maintain financial transactions depending on which an organization stands on. Whether your income is from marketing, sales, or development, your financial team must be skilled and well-versed to manage your company’s finances. 

Managing Invoices is so crucial to follow up on each step of cost accounting. 

Take a breath. Here comes an extension, Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM. This will help you to handle financial data, invoices, and all the accounting prospects with ease.

Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM

This amazing extension integrates the Xero accounting Software with the Zoho CRM. It automates all the financial processes and helps you in handling all the customer’s data in one location. Thus no need for dual data entry and saves your valuable time.

Zoho CRM: What is it?

Zoho CRM makes your business more connected with your clients and customers. As your business grows, your customer base and revenue will also grow. So maintaining all your financial accounting in one place will help you to minimize less human error as it is using automated software. It considerably reduces the burden on your sales staff by providing sales trends, forecasts, analyses, etc.

Xero Software - A Simple Definition

Xero is accounting software that was developed and structured for small to medium-sized businesses. It is so easy to implement your accounting process with this software as it was made and built for an efficient accounting process.

Why Zoho Xero Integration?

Integrating these two legendary software will always keep you in a comfort zone on handling financial prospects. It connects all your CRM customer data to your relevant Xero data and vice-versa. 

Here arises a question. What does the Zoho Xero integration do? 

Simple, let us take an invoice for example. All the related information regarding the invoice like the amount payable, due date, client name status, and other related information will be in the CRM. Right? It will be quite cool until your client invoice status turns out to be paid. In this case, you need to log in to your Xero account and manually enter the amount, client name, status, payment Id, etc. And also you need to re-check once or twice to ensure the entered data are correct. It is hard to maintain and follow up on the records too.  

With Zoho Xero integration, you will skip all these steps entirely and sync your financial records with a single click of Sync from Zoho to Xero and vice-versa. That is the updated Paid status in Xero will be synced to your CRM invoice with a single click. 

All your CRM field data will sync perfectly with your relevant Xero fields. This maintains and updates all your records cautiously and on time. Not only it syncs bi-directionally, but also you may switch it to unidirectional as per your wish. You can enable/disable the Allow sync option to make your record sync unidirectional or bidirectional. You can enable/disable the sync anytime to create, update and delete.


If you enable the create option and disable the edit switch then the created records will only sync on another side while the edited records won’t sync.

Automatic CRON Schedule and Detailed Sync Log

The records are also synced based on the CRON scheduler. 

Thus syncing records at any time, at any action, or in any direction is made as easy as you think with this Zoho Xero integration.

You can enable or disable the CRON schedule for any module. This CRON Scheduler will sync records every ten minutes

Additionally, you can view your success and unsuccessful status of the sync in the Log history. It will help you to ensure whether all the records are synced or anything left due to some error like duplicate records sync. By default, it will let you try to sync the unsync records three times. If you can’t sync the records three times, you will receive a notification of the issue.

People from all over the world can able to use this integration in their native language as it supports three universal languages like English, French, and German. If you want to use other Xero accounts just reset the connection and configure a new one. Play with a few clicks and maintain your financial records safe and secure.

Last but not least

With this amazing extension, you can able to provide accurate and streamlined data.

The Inventory records are synced and updated at a faster rate. This in turn increases the speed of your payment transaction to your partners and feedback to your customers. Then your customer will be pleased with your immediate response which will help you to maintain better customer relationships.

Automate your accounting data synchronization now. And handle your business process cool and comfortable with Zoho Xero integration.